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Switch to r.World reusables today.

Bring r.World to your arena, stadium, or sporting event, and see how easy it is to eliminate single-use waste.

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Seven secrets to a winning reuse program

Proven tips for launching a successful reuse program at your stadium, arena, or sporting events.


How much waste can you eliminate?

More than you think. And r.World makes it easy.

  • The average stadium discards 1 to 2 million single-use cups a year.
  • Most plastic and aluminum serveware is never recycled.
  • Only a fraction of compostables are actually composted.
  • Reusables eliminate this waste entirely.


It’s win, win, win.

r.World is less waste, less hassle, and less added cost compared to other cups and serveware.


Get the total package.

At r.World, all you pay for is your reusable serveware. Everything else is included for FREE, from return bins to signage, on-site staff training, and more.


So much better than any other cups we’ve used at the rink. And we get to feel good about keeping trash out of landfills.

Rick Batenburg, Breckenridge Vipers

A better future is in your hands.

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