It’s r.Cups for the win at this Colorado hockey arena.

When the town of Breckenridge banned single-use plastic in their city-owned facilities last November, the local ice arena, home to the semi-pro Breckenridge Vipers, scrambled to find a different solution.

The plastic cups they’d been buying in bulk were no longer allowed in this Colorado ski town—and the Viper’s new season was right around the corner. They needed a better solution, and fast.

r.Cups were just what they needed.

When the arena’s operations team learned about reusable cups from r.World, they knew it was the answer they needed.

r.World would deliver reusable cups right to the arena and set up the reuse system for them—including signage and bins. Then they’d pick up used cups after each game and wash, sanitize, and deliver again before the next one. It sounded easy and smart.

“On top of feeling great about reusing on a large scale, we love how easy it is to work with the r.World team!” says Rick Batenburg, who owns the Breckenridge Vipers and serves as League Commissioner for the Mountain Hockey League (MHL).

“Adding r.Cups to our rink bars was a huge success.”

It’s better quality, without the waste.

Rick says r.Cups have been a hit with bartenders and fans alike.

“The r.Cups themselves are so nice and sturdy,” he says. “So much better than any other cups we’ve used at the rink. And we get to feel good about keeping trash out of landfills.”

“We love how easy it is to work with the r.World team!”

The town of Breckenridge is leading the way in its efforts toward sustainability, and by the end of 2024, single-use plastic will be banned throughout the entire town. Other businesses are following in the footsteps of the arena by converting from single-use cups to r.World reusables. Are you ready to join them?

A better future is in your hands.

Are you ready to switch to reusable r.Cups?