Seven Secrets to Winning at Reuse

How to switch from single-use to reusables at your venue, stadium, or live events

How to switch from single-use to reusables at your events

So you’re ready to ditch your single-use serveware and switch to reusables? Smart move. If you want the easiest solution—and also the highest return rates—there are a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Choose a partner with proven experience.

Some reuse programs are more successful than others, and the biggest differentiator is who you choose as a partner. There’s only one reuse provider that’s been leading the way for over 30 years and who’s tested and proven at thousands of events. r.World provides everything you need to succeed at reuse. And they make it easy.

2. Expect return rates of 94-99%.

Reusable cups and serveware are only reusable if guests actually return them—and some providers are better than others at making that happen. r.World consistently reuses over 94% of its serveware, with some r.World clients recapuring 99% of its serveware after every event.

3. Make sure your staff receives good training.

One of the most important steps in making a reuse program work is to train and engage your team. r.World handles this for you—equipping everyone on your staff to make a smooth, successful switch to reusables.

4. Prioritize sanitization.

It’s critical to follow FDA regulations for appropriate washing, sanitization, and drying of reusables. r.World partners with Ecolab, the world leader in sanitization, to ensure that all reusables are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized—and that it’s done in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

5. Don’t pay extra for extra support.

Every venue, and sometimes every event at that venue, has a few unique circumstances that require special support and adjustments. This is something a good reuse provider will include in their package. r.World’s support team is available 24/7, and is on site at your venue as needed, for no additional cost.

6. Rely on your reuse partner for strategic guidance.

Your guests shouldn’t have to work to return their serveware—instead your reuse provider should be doing the work for them. After thousands of successful reuse activations, r.World knows exactly what signage, messaging, and bin placements will drive the highest return rates, and they won’t charge extra for all the bins and signage you need.

7. Don’t settle for mid-level sustainability.

Not all reuse companies are focused on lowering your carbon footprint at every step of the process—from delivery to sanitization and beyond. r.World has designed a system that ensures sustainability from end to end. r.World also provides regular environmental impact reports, with numbers and stats you can share, as well as marketing and social media support—so you can help your team and your customers get excited about the impact they’re making.

Choose a partner that will handle the hard work for you, setting you up for success with every part of your reuse program.

Michael Martin, Founder and CEO of r.World

Start smart and it will pay off.

Reuse is catching on, and the tips above will help you achieve the highest possible returns and the lowest environmental footprint—with a simple, seamless program that works easily for every operation.

The game changer is your reuse partner. r.World is the only reuse provider that will help you with every step above, at no additional cost. And it’s the only provider consistently delivering over 94% return rates.

A better future is in your hands.

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