This Denver catering team is making headlines with r.Cup, from r.World.

Denver’s SSA Group, the concessionaire behind over 70 zoos, museums, and other cultural attractions nationwide, is taking some big steps toward sustainability, and r.World is helping.

Blooloop reported that SSA Group introduced reusable cups and serveware at the 16-day National Western Stock Show in Denver, as part of their commitment to reducing single-use waste. Instead of serving drinks in flimsy plastic cups, SSA is using high-quality, reusable r.Cups. Guests place the cups into special bins, and the r.World team handles the pickup, cleaning, and dropoff for the next day, thanks to a local r.World sanitization hub located right in Denver.

Not only did SSA save hundreds of single-use cups at the show, but they also reduced the carbon footprint associated with the production and transportation of disposable cups.

Switching to r.Cup is just one of the many initiatives SSA Group is taking to promote sustainability in their catering services, including using produce grown locally in a vertical hydroponic farm and donating extra food to a local nonprofit. SSA’s sustainable practices are helping to save the planet in simple, cost-effective ways.

Read the Blooloop article here.

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